Circular Economy This is the way

We convert end-of-life fiberglass composite waste into eco-feedstock, known as EcoFRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymers), serving as the foundation for sustainable product manufacturing, driving a circular economy


Combined knowledge to solve a huge problem

We have reimagined the way wind turbine blade waste is handled, replacing the traditional landfill disposal with a planet-friendly transformation approach.
Our low-energy consumption recycling process ensures no CO2 generation, making it an eco-conscious solution. By reducing blades to fibers, refining them, and combining them with engineered materials, we create ECO-FRPs (Eco-Friendly Reinforced Polymers), the building blocks for manufacturing sustainable products.
Every blade we transform contributes to an environmentally-friendly solution that reduces CO2 emissions and promotes the circular economy.
Join us in creating a greener planet together!

Our Mission

Help Scale up Sustainability

FibeCycle’s team works to leverage our collective expertise and creativity, aligning with the same goal and a mission to care for the planet and drive the circular economy. FibeCycle transforms fiberglass waste from wind turbine blades into eco-materials, making it both possible and viable.
We are aware that our mission is not ours alone, and we invite others to join us in shaping a sustainable future by acting today. Other generations have ignored similar causes for a long time; let’s not do the same.
Join our cause – there are many ways to collaborate. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and build a greener world for tomorrow.

Our Mission

Academics, Engineers, And Product Designers Dedicated To Building Scalable And Sustainable Products Out Of Fiberglass Waste​

by leveraging our collective expertise and creativity, we strive to create innovative solutions that transform waste into valuable resources. through our commitment to sustainability, we aim to make a lasting impact on the environment and inspire others to adopt similar practices.

Meet the Team


Our multicultural team at Fibecycle combines expertise from diverse industries to solve global waste challenges with innovation, technology, and elegance.


FibeCycle's Journey from Research to Sustainable Solutions

The Path of FibeCycle's Research

Two established academic researchers, Larry Lessard (McGill University) and Kazem Fayazbakhsh (Toronto Metropolitan University), possess extensive experience and publications in the field of composite materials and 3D printer technology. They decided to combine their knowledge to address the global waste problem caused by the end-of-life of wind turbine blades. Their research demonstrates the potential to transform fiberglass from wind turbine blades into sustainable solutions and become the foundation for others to join the cause and transform the research into the FibeCycle company.